Campus Candids

Campus Candids

May 20, 2022

There is nothing sweeter than ending a the week spending time with your BIG/little buddy. Fifth graders and kindergartners always enjoy their time together. 🥰 Thank you, God, for special friends.

May 13, 2022

We were thrilled to host our annual event again which began over 30 years ago as Grandparents Day. Our afternoon began with a special Mass for our guests and then we headed over to school where the kids took over as tour guides and showed their special guests where they spend each day. It was a joy-filled afternoon. We are blessed to have so many wonderful people supporting our students. Blessings to all!

May 6, 2022

The second graders stepped up once again this week and added a spark of extra joy to Mass as they made their communion the first time as a whole class and crowned the Blessed Mary Virgin. They were radiating with the light of Jesus. Blessings, second graders!

May 2, 2022

All the hard work and preparations paid off this past weekend as the second graders made their First Holy Eucharist. The children were beaming as they processed down the aisle. Here are just a few pictures from the 11:00 Mass.

April 14, 2022

The 8th grade students did an amazing job portraying Jesus on the day of His crucifixion by taking us through live Stations of the Cross. This is an honored tradition at St Robert. Blessings as the Easter Triduum has begun.

April 7, 2022

A magical journey under the sea awaits you at the St. Robert School Gym….for only three nights! Tickets are available ($8/adults, $5/students, Free/ages 3 and under) at the door for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 7:00 p.m. performances of ‘The Little Mermaid Jr.’ Our Middle School students and their directors and many parent volunteers have been working tirelessly for weeks, and their efforts were displayed this afternoon at a matinee performance for the school. Bravo!! Congratulations to all involved!

April 4, 2022

Father Andrew visits second grade to speak to the children about their First Holy Eucharist which is quickly approaching

March 31, 2022

Lent is a season in the church which is hard to explain to young children because of the scary nature of the story. The children in prekindergarten are fascinated by everything having to do with Jesus. Father Andrew did a great job launching them into the season of Lent and explained the sad story to them. They participated in receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday and have been taking a journey through Lent in weekly bite-sized pieces by completing a journal and focusing on a new task each week. With so much religious talk going on in the classroom, the response to the question: “What should we turn our pretend lab into next?” was no surprise… “A Church!” We will let the pictures do the talking. These little artists and engineers constructed and erected their little church in a matter of a couple days complete with stained glass windows, Stations of the Cross, a spire and bell tower and pews with kneelers. The play was different in this dramatic play corner and was precious beyond words. THIS is Catholic education in its finest hour!

March 26, 2022

The 8th Graders have worked on engineering projects for the past month. First they constructed Project Lead the Way (PLTW) robots. Each group was given a “task to be completed” and they had to build a machine that would hypothetically complete that task. The second part of their engineering projects was building coolers with the intention of keeping a can of soda cool compared to a can of soda that is left out. The coolers were constructed out of many different materials (boxes, styrofoam, pillow plush, newspaper, cardboard, aluminum foil, etc.) Once the coolers were completed the students conducted an experiment with a can of soda outside the cooler and one inside the cooler. They recorded the temperature of each every two minutes over a 16 minute period. The data was used to determine if their coolers were effective. Some were very effective, some were not at all. Students had fun building the coolers despite the outcome. Later in the year, the coolers will be used to construct solar ovens. Stay-tuned!

March 20, 2022

Although the past two weekends did not give us the results we had hoped for in the Padre Tournament, our teams, student fans, and parents let their BOBCAT PRIDE shine through strongly. Great effort to both the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams!! We are PROUD of YOU!!

March 19, 2022

The seventh grade world language students are on the Concordia Language Villages Immersion Weekend in Bemidji MN! Shopping, dancing, cooking, exploring… all in Spanish or French. Rumor has it that AJ won a prize for speaking 100% Español. 👏👏👏 Enjoy a little sneak peak from the weekend so far. Kudos to Senora and Madame. Blessings for safe weekend travels.

March 17, 2022

At St. Robert School, on March 17th, we all become a little o’bit Irish. Our school was flooded with a sea of green today!! The first floor was buzzing with excitement all day. It appears that Lucky the Leprechaun came for his yearly visit to cause mischief and magic. Rumor has it that the second graders spotted some shenanigans as well.

March 14, 2022

At the State tournament this past weekend, 41 of our middle schoolers competed and placed 1st in the Open Division (Extra-Large). Twenty-four students “powered” at the State tournament. To power, students must be ranked in the top 1/3 of their category, which is an enormous accomplishment at the State tournament, where only the best qualify to compete. Out of those twenty-four, sixteen individuals powered and placed. Congratulations, Forensics Team!! We are so proud of your hard work and perseverance!!

March 11, 2022

Both the girl’s and boy’s basketball teams were invited to the prestigious Padre Serra tournament. The whole school got revved up with a pep rally to show support. Go Bobcats!! Get out there and cheer on our teams.

March 9, 2022

4th grade has been learning about energy in science. Specifically that energy can be transferred from one object to another and across distances. Students applied what they knew about energy of motion, energy transfer, and stored energy related to position to build “chain reaction machines.” Who knew science could be so much fun!?!

March 3, 2022

The third graders were elated to receive a package filled with letters from North Carolina this week. They have begun a pen pal relationship with another class of third graders. Giving writing a relevant purpose is so motivating. Great job, third grade!!

March 2, 2022

Today staff and students shared a simple meal of rice and water to mark the beginning of our Lenten journey. We listened as Mrs. Beckmann read the story of The Tale of the Three Trees and learned that sometimes dreams come true in very unexpected ways. Donations were collected and will benefit Catholic Relief Services for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Peace and love to all.

March 1, 2022

As the teachers enjoyed a staff pot luck lunch, the prekindergartners celebrated with a parade throughout the halls rocking out to Dixieland jazz music. Hopefully you found a way to have a bit of fun today and are ready to hunker down as our Lenten journey begins. Blessings to all!

February 27, 2022

Third graders studied the artist Alma Woodsey Thomas who was an important artist belonging to the Color Field Movement. These types of painters worked with large shapes or “fields” of colors to express themselves. Alma was inspired by nature and created paintings with tiny bright rectangles and repeating shapes. This became her signature style. The best way to experience an artist is to give it a try which is exactly what the third graders did. So pretty!! Way to go, third graders!

February 25, 2022

What do kindergartners and 5th graders have in common?! A love for coloring, building, and spending time together.

February 24, 2022

TWOsday, plus one!
What do you do when an ice day interrupts a day that won’t happen again for 400 years??? Carry on with the plans the next day for sure!! Our first graders made a time capsule all about themselves as first graders. It will be sealed up and opened when they are Seniors in high school on 3-3-33!! Yikes!! Have fun with that first graders!!

February 23, 2022

Middle school students were invited to attend the King Richards movie earlier in the month. The movie is about Richard Williams, the father of tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams, and how he created a 78-page tennis coaching plan for the girls even before they were born. It was an amazing story of how Richard trained and coached his daughters with love, commitment and determination on the tattered Compton cement tennis courts to the level of two of the world’s greatest tennis players and sports legends. The Williams family faced adversity, discrimination and other obstacles. The movie was a compelling biopic that speaks to resilience.
Following the movie, Mrs. Stella Mahaga, parent of a kindergarten and 7th grade student, led an invaluable thirty minute talk back with students. Mrs. Mahaga is a nurse practitioner in Mental Health and an immigrant from Kenya. She held a heartwarming and impactful conversation with students about empathy, gratitude and love. 🥰

February 17, 2022

The third graders continued on their quest for learning more about the history of the Olympics and decided to hold their own Olympics. They even created their own country team names and flags. Looks like a whole lot of healthy competitive fun!! GO THIRD GRADE!

February 16, 2022

2022 Winter Wonderland in Physical Education celebrating Valentines Day, the Olympics and winter. Students moved from station to station building snow sculptures, riding the monobob (one person bobsled), making their hearts leap playing ice hockey, skiing, and so much more! Such a fun week in PE class.

February 14, 2022

During CSW every student created a Valentine door hanger to be delivered to the doorknobs around our school neighborhood. Well, today was delivery day! Though the weather was frigid, our hearts were warmed with that fuzzy feeling you get when you know you did something kind without expecting anything in return!!
We even made the news. Thank you, CBS 58 News

February 10, 2022

HAPPY 100th DAY!
We celebrated the 100th day of school today. It’s a special day for all, but when you are in prekindergarten and kindergarten celebrating the 100th day is a milestone day. Did you know that 100 is a REALLY BIG number? These kiddos are great counters; 1’s, 5’s 10’s… so many ways to count. They have discovered that some ways to count go much quicker than others. Many fun 100 day activities took place; building sculptures using 100 cups, building a domino train using 100 dominoes, counting 100 buttons, stringing 100 Fruit Loops, sharing collections of 100, only to name a few. The prekindergartners also participated in a 100 Day Olympics. Rumor has it their teachers thoroughly enjoyed the 100 seconds of quiet:) 77 more student days to go!!

February 6, 2022

There is nothing sweeter than inviting parents to see their kids shine at school. The second graders were able to share their successes as authors and illustrators with their families. These kiddos are growing up fast!!

February 4, 2022

The bobcats were out in full-force in the halls of school today! Our Catholic schools week celebration always ends with a big volleyball game between the teachers and the 8th grade students. This year the teachers held their ground and brought in a victory!! WooHooo!! Fun was had by all. It was a GREAT week. Everyone should sleep well tonight!! If you’d like to view some action shots from the game, click on this link:

February 3, 2022

Our halls were filled with inspirational book characters, favorite characters, and students dressed in costumes of what they want to be when they grow up. Suffice it to say we had a w-i-d-e range of ideas. The one common thread, however, was JOY!! One more day!!

February 2, 2022

…also known as crazy hair & mismatch clothes day brought out the creative side in many staff and students. We also celebrated GLOBAL SCHOOL PLAY DAY. Students were able to bring toys or games that did NOT involve any batteries!! Smiles and giggles were in abundance today. As always, pictures are worth 1000 words!! Enjoy!!

January 31, 2022

Students and staff in prekindergarten through eighth grade enjoyed a cozy day wearing jammies, reading books, and of course, snuggling with their cozy stuffies. Isn’t Catholic Schools Week great?!? #CSW2022

January 30, 2022

Our CSW kick-off Mass set a joyful tone for all of the fun school festivities we have planned for the week!! #CSW2022 Stay-tuned and don’t forget to start sending in your donations for the St. Martin de Porres food drive beginning tomorrow (Monday).

January 28, 2022

Fourth grade students participated in an engaging real world scenario to assess their knowledge of French words for school supplies and money. Each team created a shop where their classmates came and purchased items using only French to complete the transactions. Bon travail, fourth graders!!

January 21, 2022

We celebrated our Packer pride today just in time for the big playoff game against the 49ers! We hope that somehow our positive energy and excitement was felt all the way in Green Bay!! Come on, Pack!! You can do it! We believe in you!!!

January 12, 2022

The second graders spent time in nature at the Urban Ecology Center today building things!! First they were able to build with a variety of items indoors and then they hit the trails in Riverside Park and headed into the woods to build a home for a beaver and a raccoon. We have a few future engineers in this group!! It is safe to say that fun was had by all!

January 9, 2022

Children and snow just go hand-in-hand. Watching the snow hill grow with each snow fall makes the anticipation of recess so exciting. To play on the snow hill, one must be in FULL SNOW GEAR; snow pants, boots, jacket, hat, and snow mittens. So many great skills are practiced while playing in the snow; cooperation, negotiation, problem solving are a few that come to mind. Our motto here at St. Robert: Team work makes the dream work:)

January 6, 2022

The students in fourth grade just began a new unit in math. They are learning about measurement and using known benchmarks to help estimate the length of other objects. These pictures show students are using items with known measurements to measure the width of the classroom windows. To check the accuracy of their measuring, they measured the windows using yard sticks to see how their estimates measured up. The fourth graders enjoyed a little follow-up homework assignment and interviewed their parents about a time they needed to measure something without the use of a ruler. Lots of great stories were shared in the classroom; one dad used his arms to measure the size of a new tv and a mom used her feet to estimate how much flooring they needed in their house. How can YOU be creative when the need for measuring is facing you head on and no ruler is available??

January 6, 2022

The students in fourth grade just began a new unit in math. They are learning about measurement and using known benchmarks to help estimate the length of other objects. These pictures show students are using items with known measurements to measure the width of the classroom windows. To check the accuracy of their measuring, they measured the windows using yard sticks to see how their estimates measured up. The fourth graders enjoyed a little follow-up homework assignment and interviewed their parents about a time they needed to measure something without the use of a ruler. Lots of great stories were shared in the classroom; one dad used his arms to measure the size of a new tv and a mom used her feet to estimate how much flooring they needed in their house. How can YOU be creative when the need for measuring is facing you head on and no ruler is available??

DECEMBER 20, 2021

Students and staff were treated to a fun out-of-uniform day by the 8th grade class. Donations were collected and will go towards funding their end-of-year class trip. Depending on what grade the children were in, the sweaters were either ugly or silly and some quite beautiful. Every student received a candy cane and a top winner was chosen from each class. Thank you, 8th graders!! This was a very fun and festive day for all. Enjoy a few pictures!

DECEMBER 20, 2021

The last candle on our Advent wreath was lit this morning. The fourth purple candle is known as the “angel’s candle.” It represents peace. It is time to silence our hearts and prepare for the birth of the Christ child. O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

DECEMBER 19, 2021

The holidays are synonymous with toys and are a joyous time of year for many. For struggling families however, it is a time of added stress and anxiety. The students at St. Robert School partnered with Journey House and collected toys for families living in the two poorest zip codes in Milwaukee. The sixth graders in this picture are displaying a small number of toys collected. Thank you, St. Robert community, for stepping up to the challenge once again!! We are blessed!

DECEMBER 15, 2021

Today the students were challenged to count the number of beans in their bag using what they know about place value and the number system. Some students counted by 5’s, 10’s or 20’s. The goal was to find a way to group the beans to efficiently count them! Way to go, third graders!! We may have future bankers, accountants, data or numerical analysts or perhaps a mathematics teacher or two in this group of students?!?!

DECEMBER 13, 2021

As we arrive at the mid-point of the Advent season, we gain a sense of nearness. We must find a balance in our excitement and focus on the reason for this season… JESUS!!

DECEMBER 9, 2021

3rd graders presented non-fiction writing to their peers in TED Talk fashion. Each child picked a topic that they were passionate about or that they felt comfortable teaching others about and then presented to a small group of peers in their homeroom. This was the first oral presentation for the third graders and the speaking standards focused on eye contact and a loud, clear speaking voice. To prepare for the TED Talks, the students viewed videos of kid TED talks and did lots of practicing. Listening standards were also addressed as the audience members had to write a fact they learned from each presenter. Kudos to you, third grade!! Sounds like your first presentations were a success!!

DECEMBER 6, 2021

We prepare. We repent. We prepare by seeking forgiveness.

DECEMBER 1, 2021

What could be better than a sunny, crisp and cold autumn day?!?! Playing in the woods at the Urban Ecology Center in Riverside Park!! The prekindergarten children clearly enjoyed their time tromping in the woods. Problem-solving was at a premium as these little explorers learned to work as a team moving big logs and branches for use in their building endeavors. They also experimented using branches as levers and wedges and applied their counting skills as they organized twigs and sticks. Children and nature go hand-in-hand. So many opportunities to practice risk-taking in a safe environment too. Thank you, God, for giving us a beautiful world to play in.

NOVEMBER 30, 2021

We began our week by prayerfully entering the Advent season with a candle lighting ceremony and prayer service led by Mrs. Beckmann. We will continue this ritual each Monday morning during these next few weeks. Advent is the period of four Sundays and weeks before Christmas. Advent means ‘Coming’ in Latin. This is the coming of Jesus into the world.

NOVEMBER 20, 2021

The 4th graders invited their 4K little buddies upstairs for the very first time. Walking all the way to the 4th grade classrooms was a thrill in and of itself, but then…. turkey hats too?!?! Who could ask for a better Fun FriYAY than that??? We are grateful for our BIG Buddies!!!! You’re the BEST!!

NOVEMBER 19, 2021

The kindergartners ended their week spending time with their favorite big kids–5th grade big buddies! These kids know how to make a chilly day feel warm inside and out!

NOVEMBER 17, 2021

7th grade students learned how to dissect frogs today. This took an incredible amount of focus and control. Way to concentrate, 7th graders. Maybe one day you will grow up and become a famous surgeon.

NOVEMBER 11, 2021

St. Robert School celebrated in a big way with an all-school assembly featuring middle school student speakers, choirs, soloists, and a string ensemble. There were almost 40 veterans invited as special guests of SRS families or staff, and a keynote speaker who is a retired Air Force officer. Two of our boy scouts raised an alumni veteran’s donated flag afterwards, and all were invited to a reception. Many thanks to our PE teacher, Jan Zehren, for organizing such a wonderful event and new-found tradition. Thank you, veteran’s, for your service!

NOVEMBER 2, 2021

Our 8th grade girl’s volleyball teams have both been invited to the Seton tournament. We sent them off in style today with our very first pep rally in a along time!! What joy!! Best of luck lady bobcats!! Win or lose, we are very proud of you!! Have fun!!

NOVEMBER 1, 2021

We celebrated the Feast of All Saints today with an all-school mass where the second graders dressed as Saints and helped us learn a few facts during the homily. All Saints’ Day is a Christian solemnity celebrated in honor of all the saints of the church, whether they are known or unknown. The Saints have never looked so sweet!

OCTOBER 26, 2021

The halls were filled with all sorts of superheroes, book characters, animals, and all things creepy. Students and staff were invited to be out of uniform, for a small fee, in order to participate in the 8th grade fundraiser. Our oldest students are trying to earn money for their year-end class trip. Thank you, 8th graders for providing such a fun, family-friendly fundraiser and adding an extra spark of holiday joy to our week!! We are also are very grateful for the fun treat bags you provided to all the students for participating:) BOO!!

OCTOBER 23, 2021

The 4K and 5K students went on an epic adventure to the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center and experienced nature with all of their senses. Despite the rainy weather, everyone had a blast. Many thanks to the teacher leaders at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center !

OCTOBER 21, 2021

The sixth grade Spanish students were treated to learning the Salsa and Merengue dances from a professional instructor from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Muchas gracias, Senor Skyler.

OCTOBER 12, 2021

Did you ever go for a walk and just LISTEN? Today our first graders had the opportunity to spend time in nature listening to all of the amazing sounds in Riverside Park. We are so blessed to have a partnership with the Urban Ecology Center this year. Life is good in the woods!!

OCTOBER 5, 2021

Parents had fun playing Hopscotch, Nine Square, Four Square, Ultimate Football, Helicopter and This or That with their children. One more day to join in the fun with your child’s class!! Don’t miss out!! Rumor has it parents are requesting evening PE classes!

OCTOBER 2, 2021

So many beautiful pieces of art are hanging throughout the school. For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to walk through the halls, hope you enjoy getting a little peek into our world. Thank you to our art teacher, Mrs. Ciganek. She has a special way of getting our students to find their inner focus and produce amazing art.

September 29, 2021

We missed going on trips to the UEC last year, but we are back in action for this year. The third graders had the opportunity to spend a glorious day in the woods of Riverside Park becoming botanists. They went on an awesome hike collecting beautiful flowers and used real portable microscopes to study the parts of the plant more closely. Learning in a an outdoor classroom is such a treat!! Thank you, God, for this amazing world!

September 27, 2021

Father Andrew just completed training with ten 4th graders who were interested in becoming altar servers. He taught the students the names of all the important items used in the mass and gave them a tour of the sacristy. Say an extra prayer for these students as they begin to serve masses for our community. Blessings.

September 26, 2021

The seeds have been planted and another set of buddy relationships have begun to grow. Our 4th grade students have been paired with our youngest learners and they were able to meet on the playground on Friday for the first time. The older students did a FABULOUS job being all grown-up and teaching the prekindergartners how to play organized recess games such as Duck, Duck, Goose, London Bridges, Ring Around the Rosie, Hopscotch and everybody’s favorite… tag!! It is so fun to see how the older students have grown into such caring young people. It’s going to be a great year!! Thanks, 4th graders, for being so nurturing and loving to your little buddies!!
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