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  1. Travel:
    If your travel or vacation plans involve being in close proximity (closer than 6 feet) to non-family members in an indoor setting for more than 15 minutes, your children who are St. Robert students are subject to a minimum five-day quarantine with a negative test result on Day 5. This includes seating on an airplane or other public transportation.
  2. My child had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. How long after their last contact should my child be tested?
    Your child exhibits any COVID-19 symptoms, he or she can be tested right away. If your child is not symptomatic, the best time for them to be tested is on Days 6 or 7 after the last contact with the infected individual. Testing before Day 6 may result in a false negative due to insufficient viral load for detection at that time.
  3. Why do people sometimes have to stay home for both quarantine and isolation periods (24 days)?
    Close contact with a member of one’s immediate household requires a quarantine of 7 days beyond the positive individual’s 10-day isolation period to allow for the more likely possibility of viral transmission due to ongoing contact within the household. The extended quarantine is waived only when the infected individual is able to completely isolate from other household members utilizing a private bathroom and taking meals in a separate space.


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