Learning at Home

Learning at Home

The new normal

As learning in school buildings was halted across the U.S., St. Robert School did not skip a beat. Our in-school curriculum was adapted to a distance-learning model through the use of modern technology and age-appropriate learning tools that focused on engagement and accountability.

Below are some highlights of what learning at home looked like for our students and teachers. If you would like to learn more about our daily distance-learning model, click HERE.


For our students and parents, this is for you!  We miss you and want you to know that WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!


The students published the final issue of the White & Blue Press for the 2019-2020 school year. Editor-In-Chief, 8th grader Evie Coffou, had approached faculty advisor Kathryn DeLapp, asking if this could be done despite the challenges. Thanks to her commitment, and the hard work of the entire staff, it became a reality. To see what students have to say about virtual learning in this final issue, click HERE.

June 12, 2020


The 2019-2020 school year is officially a closed book. Staff lined-up around the playground and parents/students drove through waving and honking, with everyone shouting joyful messages to one another. We truly were all in this together and we did it!

June 9, 2020


The weather was perfect for an outdoor field day. Our own little rainbow of teams showed up today ready for some competitive fun and exercise; Team Red, Team Orange, Team Blue, Team Pink, Team Pastel, and Team Black to name a few! Mr. J is so proud! Enjoy scrolling through the pictures of our bobcat athletes!

June 5, 2020


Today marked the LAST day of classes for the 2019-2020 school year. From 4K through 8th grade, Zoom classes served as the final close to the ‘work’ of school. Middle school began their day in prayer one last time. Sixth grade had their last social studies and religion classes. 4K took a walk down memory lane sharing favorite stories and songs and had the specialists ‘POP’ in to say bye.

May 29, 2020


Today, the kindergartners were surprised with a cap, diploma, and balloon from their teachers. This served to mark the end of their kindergarten years at St. Robert School. Although it wasn’t quite the same sending ritual they would have experienced if school were open, the smiles prove that they were thrilled just them same. These kids are ready to move down the hall as FIRST GRADERS!! CONGRATULATIONS

May 18, 2020


Mrs. Beckmann, along with the middle school staff, delivered signs of encouragement to our 8th grade students as they enter the home stretch of their elementary school career. Congrats, 8th graders!

May 13, 2020


First Grade just wrapped up a unit on VOWEL TEAMS. As a celebration of the learning, each student was asked to design a Vowel Town using what they’ve learned about vowel teams.

May 12, 2020


Third graders are reading mystery stories. They have formed small groups and gather together each week via Google Meets to discuss the books in their club groups.

May 8, 2020


On behalf of all teachers and staff, we humbly thank you for all the sweet ways you have recognized and ‘appreciated’ us all week long!

May 7, 2020


The second graders have been learning about the many different types of measurement: time, weight, length, capacity, perimeter, area, and temperature. They are also learning that different tools allow us to measure different types of things: clocks, calendars, standard and nonstandard forms such as rulers and cubes. Need something measured? You know who to call!! These kids are busy measuring machines!! Using the labeling tool in Seesaw made this activity extra fun. Our students are truly becoming tech savvy at a young age due to distance learning.

May 4, 2020


5th grade students gave virtual presentations of their selected art pieces as the culminating end of their three-year Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) Junior Docent Program. Mrs. Ciganek led the project when we were at school and Mrs. Riepenhoff took over during distance learning. Complete with a virtual background that made it appear as though she was at the MAM, these joyful celebrations of art appreciation were attended by teachers, parents and even grandparents! At the end of the celebration, parents simultaneously pinned the official MAM Junior Docent pins on their children in a rite of passage ceremony facilitated by Mrs. Dietz.

May 1, 2020


Some students participated in a well-deserved beach day. Whether you are on a real beach or an imaginary one, we are wishing you an awesome BEACH DAY! Hope the sun shines brightly in your hearts and homes!

April 29, 2020


The first graders have been busy learning about making predictions as they read. The students were asked to show a place in their books where they STOPPED and made a prediction and mark the page with a post it along with their prediction.

April 28, 2020


The kindergarten students have been so busy during this distance learning time that it’s almost hard to keep up with them. They are engaged in learning about estimation, subtraction bowling, doing SNAP word practice, ‘How-To’ writing and keeping their faith throughout this time of uncertainty. In art class they have been creating beautiful pieces of art using pebbles and other loose parts. With the season of spring also come opportunities for planting and recording growth of seeds as well as recording daily weather.

April 27, 2020


Our students are staying active and constantly learning even outside of our school building. They are taking full advantage of learning in nature and staying healthy. Our students our discovering new things, enjoying experimenting and are even keeping up with their fitness with wall sits!

April 24, 2020 – PART TWO


We ended the week with a fun superhero spirit day! Remember, there is a superhero inside each of us. Our staff, students and parents are superheroes for all of us!

April 24, 2020 – PART ONE

TODO VA A ESTAR BIEN-Everything will be alright!

Spanish students also created rainbow posters inspired by the early childhood teacher from Quebec. Be on the look out in your neighborhood for these uplifting signs of hope. Gracias estudiantes!

In case you missed the earlier post, read the full story HERE.

April 23, 2020


When fifth grade learned that they would not be able to continue school in their physical classroom, a project that helped students connect with their families seemed vitally important. Learning about how people we love have made it through other periods in history helps build our own resilience in uncertain times.

Academically with this project, students met speaking and listening standards through the interview process and practiced writing, revising, and editing nonfiction.

All 32 fifth grade students created outstanding projects. The 17 students who chose to share their projects in our Virtual Gallery decided to do so even though they knew it wouldn’t improve their grade. You are invited to visit a snapshot of the Virtual Gallery of Family Memory Projects and celebrate the student work.

To take a look at their projects click HERE.

April 22, 2020


The prekindergarten students are learning to be good stewards of the Earth by celebrating ‘Earth Day’ all week long. They are busy creating trash monsters out of recyclables. These cute little monsters will assist the littles in practicing a host of skills in a fun way: letter identification, sound association, shape practice, rhyming and number skills just to name a few. These kiddos have also be using their imaginations to create their own beautiful planet Earth and having fun in the kitchen being mathematicians and scientists creating Earth Day slime and calming sensory bottles. Oh, to be 4 and 5 again!!! These little sweeties are also busy designing posters to let others know HOW they can help our planet. Be on the look-out in windows in YOUR neighborhood. Hands-on learning is the BEST! 

April 21, 2020


Our French students were inspired by Gabriella Cucinelli, an early childhood educator in Quebec City who wanted to bring a message of HOPE to the province. Her entire family lives in southern Italy and when the country went into lockdown she was feeling in despair until she heard stories of the Italian people hanging posters all over the streets of Italy, bearing the slogan “andrà tutto bene” and combined with the colors of the rainbow. The phrase translates to “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.” She decided to bring this same message of HOPE to the province of Quebec. Our own French students are bringing this message to their own neighborhoods. Keep your eye out and maybe you will be lucky enough to see a special rainbow of HOPE. Read the full story HERE.

April 17, 2020

MADE in the USA!

We ended our week with an All-American spirit day for students and staff. We are in this together! United we stand!

April 16, 2020


So proud of our ‘teacher’ parents bringing the learning alive within their own homes: faith development, field trips, reading, math, active games, outdoor exercise, creativity, engineering, science, music and more.

April 14, 2020


Our teachers have worked hard preparing the second round of packets for students. The office staff had things under control for curbside service. Pick-up lasted throughout the day and sadly, the hallway is empty once again!

Work hard, students!

April 13, 2020


Take extra time today to enjoy Easter Monday and find ways to relax and have fun together as a family! Our families are doing everything from baking to crafts! We are blessed!

April 8, 2020


Learning time. Sibling time. Family time. Everyone is doing their BEST! We are doing this TOGETHER!

April 7, 2020

Real Learning. At School. At Home.

Our students are engaged in school activities and learning during this time of distant learning. This unprecedented time has allowed parents to weave in a bit of practical life skills learning too.

Happy students! Happy parents!


April 3, 2020


Enjoying a homeschool spirit day! Looking good, students! It’s FRIDAY! What better way to end a great week of homeschooling than to show our bobcat pride! Have a GREAT weekend everybody! Go Bobcats!

March 31, 2020

Nothing but sweetness!

Yesterday we featured our BIG kids looking all sharp in their uniforms. Today, it’s all about the little people. 4K and 5K students are rocking the homeschooling challenge! Way to go, kiddos… and parents!


March 30, 2020

School is back in session!

These students are all set and ready to go in their homeschooling environments after Spring Break! Our dedicated students are showing up for school in mind, spirit, attitude AND uniforms!

Thank you to so many students who showed up, in uniform, ready to work in their home school today! It is a joy to see your happy faces! Way to go! Keep up the good work!

We are always here for you!

March 20, 2020

The learning never ends!

Teachers and staff are really missing their students! Today is the last day of homeschooling before spring break next week!

These pictures have been heartwarming to see; learning stations, outdoor exploration, creative math lessons, reading, piano and strings lessons, STEM projects, computer lessons and meetings for the older kids, and even some teacher time. You have all done amazing things in such a short time with little to no notice!


Take a breath. Regroup.

Have a WONDERFUL Spring Break!

March 19, 2020

Homeschooling rocks!

Kudos to all our rock star parents for stimulating their children in healthy ways.

Looks like a lot of great learning is happening in our school community.

Someone asked if chores are part of the curriculum…you bet! They are called life skills!

Keep up the great work!

March 18, 2020

Virtual learning begins!

On Tuesday during packet pick-up, middle school students received demos for virtual learning. The entire middle school team will be utilizing the latest online learning tools such as Google Drive, Google Meets and Hapara Workspace to stay connected with students and provide structure for the learning requirements during this absence away from school.

The entire middle school convened electronically at 9 a.m. for group prayer. The students were then provided with instructions on what to do next. These students will basically be following their daily schedules from home with instruction being planned and guided by their creative teachers. This is just one example of how St. Robert School is utilizing technology to bring meaningful, necessary instruction into the home. 

March 17, 2020

Packet Pick Up!

Teachers have been working hard creating work packets and materials to keep students engaged during this necessary time of long distance learning.

The phrase, ‘it takes a village’ rings loud and true now more than ever.

Please know that we are here for you and will all do our best to keep those kids moving forward.

Stay safe. Stay healthy! God’s blessings to ALL!

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