When you walk the halls of St. Robert School you know right away that something special is happening here! We take our mission of inspiring saints and leaders seriously. Our school is alive with faith, joy, engaging learning, and love. Our high standards form students who excel academically and are prepared to be leaders in living the gospel in every aspect of life. St. Robert School is a leader throughout the Milwaukee area as a school that provides dynamic workshop model learning for students.  Our students are curious and excited to learn. Our contemporary innovations and creative approach are grounded in over 100 years of rich tradition in serving this community. We are so very privileged to partner with parents in this holy journey of shaping young lives. We invite you to come and see.

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We know that the best way to bring faith to life is to learn how to live it in everyday life. We support the domestic church of the family and help our students to recognize a pervasive, ever-present connection between faith and culture – in their coursework, in current events, in moral choices, in discipline. We’re showing our kids the way to heaven – and assuring that they will be confident enough about their faith to bring others with them.

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  • "Nicco (St. Robert '20) received the President's Magis Scholarship from Marquette University High School for earning one of the highest grades on the entrance exam for the class of 2024.  The supportive environment provided by St. Robert School has allowed Nicco to flourish, find confidence and truly exert himself to the fullest.  Many thanks for all you have done to make him feel included during such a short timeframe.  Moving him (to St. Robert in 7th grade) was one of the best decisions we made with his development."
  • "St. Robert provided my children with an excellent education and involved them in the very important life aspect of giving to and caring for others. Further, St. Robert provided a warm and protective community for the children."
  • "My St. Robert School education encouraged me to seek the truth through creative expression in the written word and visual arts. This passion has enabled me to find innovative ways to be of service, particularly to special needs children and adults who need a strong voice to advocate for them."
  • "The level of involvement of all St. Robert School families in all sorts of school-related and social activities makes clear that they understand the value of all pulling together as a team. And a fun-loving and talented team it is."
  • "I just wanted to say thank you to the St. Robert’s teachers and administrators for the incredible job they have done in this difficult year. The dedication, fortitude and grace you exhibited to provide the best education for our children is breathtaking. Thank you."
  • "We are so thankful for St. Robert school for our son Ethan. In-person learning at St. Robert has surpassed our expectations this year. Ethan has thrived in an environment where he has been able to safely learn alongside peers. It has been a joy to watch Ethan develop academically, spiritually and socially during his time at St. Robert. Thank you to all the staff for all you do!"
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