Athletics at St. Robert

St. Robert Athletic Association

The St. Robert Athletic Association (SRAA) oversees athletics for all our Parish students, including the School and Religious Education student athletes. The Association is led by the Athletic Director; our current officers are:

  • Dave Borowski, Athletic Director/President
  • Amy Schmidt, Vice President
  • Katie Cibula, Treasurer
  • Brad Brejcha, Secretary

St. Robert Bobcat Athletics

The St. Robert Athletic Association offers programs for all students enrolled in our school or members of our parish. Competitive athletics are offered for students in grades 5-8.

  • Girls’ Athletics: Basketball and Volleyball
  • Boys’ Athletics: Basketball and Volleyball

The St. Robert Athletic Association also offers programs for younger students enrolled in our School or members of our Parish. through Junior Bobcats. Junior Bobcats is for students in grades 1-4 who wish to participate in volleyball and basketball. Many students also participate in local soccer, swimming, baseball and football programs/leagues.

Form Needed to Participate in Athletics

The Elementary School Interscholastic Athletics Physical Examination Form is required for participation in athletics. This form must be filled out by a physician and is good for two years unless your physician has indicated otherwise. Most commonly these forms are filled out by the 5th and 7th grade athletes. The form must be on file before your child will be allowed to practice.

All other forms are included in the online registration site.


Athletic Association Board Members

  • Dave Borowski, Athletic Director/President
  • Amy Schmidt, Vice President
  • Katie Cibula, Treasurer
  • Brad Brejcha, Secretary
  • Jeremy Hillenbrand
  • Sarah Clark
  • Jack Littrell
  • Joe Newbold
  • Jeff Hefel
  • Shane Zolper

Volunteer Certification & Other Information

Volunteer Certification Information

All of us are aware of how the recent disclosures of child sexual abuse that now hang like a dark shadow over the Catholic Church. As part of the efforts to make sure that this tragic chapter is never repeated, the bishops now require anyone who works with children to undergo a Criminal Background Check, read the Archdiocesan Ethical Code of Conduct and attend a Safe Environment Education workshop (none of these costs you any money). Please see our Parent Volunteer page for information on obtaining certification.

Three Steps to Complete Your Safe Environment Certification

  • Training: From time to time we schedule a Safe Environment Education training to take place here at St. Robert. The Safe Environment workshops take up to 3 hours to complete. To attend a workshop (even here at St. Robert) you must register online.
  • Archdiocesan Code of Ethical Standards: After reading the code online this form is now “signed” online.
  • Criminal Background Check: This process is now done completely online. Do not be alarmed if the link on the Archdiocese website takes you to a different website. Please be assured that access to your information is restricted.

Use this link to access the Archdiocesan Safe Environment website and the online information referenced above:

Mandatory Reporting Responsibilities

Concussion Signs and Symptoms

All coaches, parents and athletes need to read – and be familiar with – the concussion resources at Be sure to sign the appropriate acknowledgement form!

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